Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Neutec Engineering Solutions offers a range of Building Information Modeling (BIM) services that optimize your building design, construction, and maintenance processes. Our experienced BIM professionals tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

BIM Modeling

We create accurate 3D models of your building designs using BIM, integrating all relevant information into the model to facilitate more effective collaboration among stakeholders. Consequently, our BIM modeling service enhances project visualization and communication, leading to better decision-making throughout the construction process.

BIM Clash Detection and Coordination

Using advanced Building Information Modeling software, we identify and resolve potential clashes and conflicts between various building systems, such as structural, architectural, and MEP elements. As a result, we proactively ensure smooth project execution and eliminate costly rework, delays, and disputes.

BIM Simulation

Our Building Information Modeling simulations enable you to test various design scenarios, analyze building performance, and optimize energy efficiency. By simulating aspects such as structural integrity, daylight, and thermal comfort, we help you make data-driven decisions to create sustainable and high-performance buildings.

Scan to BIM

We transform point cloud data obtained from laser scanning into detailed and accurate 3D BIM models, ideal for retrofit, renovation, and historical preservation projects. Through this service, we accurately document existing conditions, enabling seamless integration of new design elements. Consequently, this results in a smoother construction process and a higher quality finished product.

BIM for Asset and Facility Management

Our Building Information Modeling services extend beyond design and construction, providing invaluable asset and facility management (AM/FM) support. By integrating facility data into the BIM model, we enable efficient maintenance, lifecycle analysis, and real-time monitoring of building performance. Hence, this leads to increased efficiency and cost savings.

BIM Content Creation (Advanced Revit Family Creation)

We create custom Revit families tailored to your specific project requirements using BIM, including parametric modeling, complex geometry, and data-rich components. Through our BIM content creation service, we enhance your design workflow and ensure consistency throughout the project. Consequently, this achieves greater precision, accuracy, and customization in your building designs.

BIM Prefab (Structure and MEP)

Through Building Information Modeling, we leverage prefabrication of structural and MEP components, streamlining the construction process and reducing on-site labor and waste. We create detailed fabrication models, enabling accurate off-site production and resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective construction process. As a result, this translates to better outcomes for your project.

BIM Automation

Our BIM automation services help you optimize your design processes, reduce manual tasks, and improve overall project efficiency. We develop custom scripts and plugins for various BIM software platforms, automating routine tasks and streamlining workflows. With our BIM automation service, you can achieve greater efficiency and productivity in your project, resulting in better outcomes and cost savings.

BIM Training and Consulting

At Neutec Engineering Solutions, our BIM training services provide your team with the knowledge and skills they need to use BIM effectively in their roles. We offer a range of training options to meet your specific needs and requirements.Furthermore, our BIM consulting services provide guidance and support in implementing BIM workflows, software, and standards, ensuring your team is set up for success in the long run. We work closely with your team to assess your current BIM capabilities and develop a customized plan to improve your BIM implementation. Consequently, this leads to greater efficiency and cost savings in your projects.